Friends of Asilong

Asilong Primary School began graduating students in 2011, but there was no high school there for them to go to. As a result, the first  generation of school-educated  youth had to leave the community to continue their education. Fortunately, Jacob's Well Church felt called to remain working in the community where their water well ministry had changed so many lives. In 2012 they began building a mixed boarding high school and was joined by Glen Lake Church in making the school a reality.

The school began operation in 2017 with a freshman class, and will add a new class each year, bringing it  into full operation. Each year new classrooms, dorms, faculty housing, support structures and equipment are needed. It is very exciting to see the students and community engage with the school, and we hope you are excited about helping the school reach it's full potential.

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Asilong Christian High School (ACHS)     

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8-22-2021 Church

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